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How to Export Postbox to PST – Dynamic Software with Adaptability!

postbox to pst

How to export Postbox to PST files in a sharp, systematic way? The answer lies with ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘. It’s a Mac OS X compatible software made for amateur users for basic migration across Postbox to Outlook Mac/Windows, while also being powerful enough to be used for larger scale projects in corporations.

How to export Postbox to PST

The driving force behind its success is the dynamic nature of the tool and the adaptability for various kinds of databases in Postbox. Emails can be quite complex today. Long are the days gone when emails mean text. Most likely, your postbox database has attachments, images, links, contacts, and a lot more. ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ from USL takes care of all of that.

You can use it for Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML and Mac Mail to PST conversion.

export postbox to pst

The simple UI makes it possible for everyone to intact with the advanced features in an intuitive way, without getting overwhelmed. It’s truly is best of both worlds.

Multiple Data input options

“Mail Extractor Pro” works on many levels and allows data input from many sources, which is one of its primary selling points:

  • From Postbox
    1. Auto-Load Postbox Database
    2. Postbox Profile folder copied
  • Form Thunderbird
    1. Auto Load Thunderbird Database
    2. Thunderbird Profile folder copied
  • From Apple Mail
    1. Auto Load Apple Mail Database
    2. Apple Mail Export Database
    3. Apple Mail ‘Mail’ folder copied
  • From MBOX & EML files directly

Second option is recommended as it cuts through all the unnecessary inputs and processes. It gets the data ready for conversion in merely a single click. Not just that, the resulting accuracy from targeting the source is unparalleled. Converting raw files or archived files like MBOX often leave behind errors and alterations in data, but not with the direct conversion.

Precision Unparalleled

The calibration of algorithms that process your emails and their contents is top notch. This is the adaptability part of the software we mentioned above. Specific mechanisms can take care of more intricate parts of database’s, such as:

  • Graphical components like images, graphs, icons, etc.
  • Cloud-based files as attachments
  • Large and non-textual attachments
  • Preserving the read/unread status
  • Non-English and special characters not just from main text, but also from links, email addresses, and headers

All such parts of an email database are ignored or skipped by traditional form of email migration software. “Mail Extractor Pro” does not follow in the same line, but instead delivers ultra-sharp output free of all such errors.

how to export postbox to pst

Interaction Simplified

Next important feature is the interaction with the user-interface. A UI’s job is to make it possible for users to apply the features at the right time in the right way. All the abilities of a software are worthless unless there is a friendly UI between the tool and the users. “Mail Extractor Pro” bridges this gap with an excellent user interface. It is not only simple to use but also proficient for advanced projects, allowing quick operations that can otherwise be daunting.

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You can download a free demo edition, made available to everyone who wants to know more about it without any risks. You can click the instant-download link below and get started within minutes. Find out what makes “Mail Extractor Pro” an absolute favorite Postbox to PST converter for many experts and home users who use it.


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