Convert MBOX to PST – the info that you need to know!

convert mbox to pst

Data has skyrocketed in importance with the evolution of technology. Tonnes of it gets generated every single day and not even a single human being can afford to lose it. Especially the data stored in your email databases. Email databases host a lot of professional and personal data. Losing that data can be disastrous.

This email data of yours comes under the knife when you try to convert it to a different file format. The process of data migration is very technical and requires a lot of finesse to be carried out perfectly. Sadly, usually that is not what happens with these email conversion processes. Most of them fail to reach the end they deserve, sometimes the data gets corrupted or worse you can also lose it forever. But don’t worry, this article will help you get the job done easily and perfectly. It talks about how you can convert MBOX to PST format with no losses and exceptional accuracy.

The tool you need to convert MBOX to PST

There are a lot of tools in the market that you can choose to go for. But each one of them lacks at one front or another. Some may be exceptional with their conversion algorithms but have a very tough to use interface, some may be easy to use but not as accurate and so on. It becomes very tough to find a tool with everything. But there is one tool that offers it all to you.

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software is that tool. This one of a kind converter tools have all the features that you want in your conversion solution. It is quick, accurate, easy to use, precise and a lot of other things. The technical core having the combination of these features is what makes it ideal to convert MBOX files to PST.

Get your Conversions Done Right

Mail data is an inseparable part of your email databases today. Leaving them behind during your MBOX to PST conversion process is not an option. Substandard conversion solutions present in the market fail to deal with this kind of data files. This results in an incomplete conversion process.

This MBOX to Outlook converter tool automatically detects the your mail folders from Mac Mail, Thunderbird & Postbox. And it can also convert eml file as as well.

Save your Read and Unread Emails Separately

This is a very unique feature that this tool offers you. It allows you to not only save your email files and the data stored in them but also retains the status of your email files as well. It helps you retain the read/unread status of your email files.

This gives you an output file that has everything replicating the current state of your email files just in a different format. It even allows you to save them in two separate folders if you wish. Thus, making your MBOX to PST conversion better than ever.

Try out the MBOX to PST converter free trial version offered by the tool today.

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