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Transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac in a Brisk Manner!

Transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac

If you are tired of all the inefficient and slow ways of transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac, you must try ‘Mail Extractor Pro.’ If you haven’t used any other tool before to transfer data, consider your lucky that you do not have to deal with tons of frustrating problems that an email migration task can bring up. With the tool that we are recommending, you can manage this task in a brisk and professional manner.

Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook Mac & Windows

Mail Extractor Pro” works on a completely different framework than other applications. It doesn’t need archived MBOX files storing the Apple Mail data. You can directly select the Profile folder where everything is stored by default. You can let the tool auto-pick the primary database or you can manually pick other databases, like backups.

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac & Windows.

Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook Mac

The option for converting archived MBOX files is available, but that is more suited for MBOX from other sources like Google Takeout or Thunderbird, or when you do not have Apple Mail database.

Skipping the need for exporting emails from Apple Mail into MBOX and instead directly converting the Profile/identity has its advantages that other traditional means cannot offer, like:

  • It saves a lot of time
  • The accuracy of output is unmatched
  • Much of the details are preserved
  • Folder hierarchy is also intact

Other than this, “Mail Extractor Pro” brings other conversion inputs than just Apple Mail. You can also use it for moving your Thunderbird or Postbox data to PST files.

Another feature it has is to keep the size of converting PST file in check. You can set the maximum size for the PST file. IF that size is crossed, the tool can split them. This makes it easier for you to import PST in Outlook as large files can be problematic.

Keep in mind that this tool not only helps you in transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac but also in Outlook Windows. In fact, PST is a native file for Outlook Windows not Mac version. But ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ offers the compatibility for both.

The primary reason why ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is the favorite tool for many experts is because of its accuracy. Unless a tool manages to convert all the finder details and preserve the structure, all other features do not matter. It can be very intimidating to find certain elements of the database missing or not converted properly. This is what ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ resolves completely and brings to you a stress-free approach of transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac/Windows.

The details such as Unicode text, header info, large attachments, graphical data, and more – have often been very complicated parts of a database that get skipped or their integrity is lost. Not by ‘Mail Extractor Pro.’ All components from Apple Mail is processed and converted and the structure remains unbroken.

apple mail to outlook mac

Download it today

There is a free “Mail Extractor Pro” version that will give a more complete picture of how it works. It converts ten emails per folder but doesn’t lock you out from testing the performance and functionality, nor is it time-limited.

Get your free trial copy at


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